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    Artbusiness.com art appraisals are much more than just prices for your art. Each appraisal explains how the final price is determined, and includes additional comments relevant to your specific request. For information about other available services, see Services for Collectors .

    INSTRUCTIONS : PROVIDE AS MUCH INFORMATION AS POSSIBLE ABOUT YOUR ART ON THE SECURE FORM BELOW . Include descriptions of any documentation accompanying the art such as receipts, guarantees or certificates. Previous appraisals, letters or papers discussing the art may also be helpful.


    Please note that you will not receive a response without payment.

    THE MORE INFORMATION YOU PROVIDE, THE BETTER , regardless of whether you think it's important. More information means a more accurate appraisal.

    If you need help or have any questions, please call 415.931.7875 or email services@artbusiness.com .

    Turn-around time for a typical appraisal is 4-7 working days, less for single items. You will be notified if additional time is necessary.

    To learn more about the value and advantages of a professional art appraisal, read Art Appraisers, Appraiser Associations, and Art Valuation .

    Click this link to read the Appraiser Qualifications of Alan Bamberger .


    RECOMMENDED FOR SELLERS : This phone consult includes not only all price information that you would get with an appraisal, but also a summary of current market conditions for the art or artist, strategies for selling, suggested initial asking prices, prices at which the art is likely to sell, recommendations on how or where best to sell, answers to any additional questions you might have about your art, and more.

    ARTIST SIGNATURE IDENTIFICATION : You only pay if the artist is positively identified. For this service, select "Decipher an artist signature" from the "Service requested" drop-down menu at the bottom of the form below.

    If you need an immediate appraisal or price information, have questions about what information to provide, or are selling a work of art and would like to consult by phone about strategies, options, pricing, finding the best venues, or other particulars, please call 415.931.7875. You can also email alanbamberger@me.com . For information about costs, see the "Service Requested" drop-down menu at the bottom of the form below.


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